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Aggressive child behavior

Aggressive behavior in kids can hamper their overall well-being. It is not at all an acceptable childish trait. Aggressive child behavior may cause physical or emotional harm to the child and others. Many factors impact a child’s behavior like mental and physical health, family structure, surroundings and school environment. Sometimes, a child might adapt to aggressive behavior from family members, teachers, or peers in daily life.

To deal with aggressive child behavior, you should first try to identify its main cause. Understand and change your kid’s lifestyle by pushing him or her towards more physical activity. Physical activities are the most constructive form to bring out anger and frustration. Try talk to your kid more than usual. Understand their day-to-day problems which might seem small to parents but big for them. Establish good communication with your kids.

Sanskarshala, a unique initiative of Dainik Jagran also aims at imparting good values in kids where they learn to analyze and judge the rights from wrongs, so they have a bright and happy future.

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