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Water wastage

“The worth of water is known when the well is dry”. Water and air are the most essential element of survival on earth. But the way we are wasting water, there will be no water left in coming few years. In fact, there are many cities in different parts of the world which have already run out of ground water. People are wasting more water than their daily need in the regions of sufficient water.

Water conservation is an immediate need. Small simple steps like using bucket for bathing, turning off the tap when brushing teeth, reduce the water used in each flush, don’t overlook dripping tap and many others. Rain water conservation is the essence of water conservation.

Kids, who are our future generation, need to be taught about the value of water and other natural resource right from their tender young age. Sanskarshala a unique initiative of Dainik Jagran is reaching to thousands of school nationwide with a purpose to impart such good values amongst the children of our country.

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