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Social Media Misuse

Social Media has changed the face of communication in modern times. Today, reaching to your long lost old school buddies miles apart is just a wave away. But social media is a boon only when you use it right. With its growing popularity, we have heard about several crimes committed using different social media channels. People create fake profiles and indulge into unethical activities like hacking of user accounts and stealing their personal details.

All it calls for is to be careful about how much one allows social media to take control of their life. How involved does one get, crossing their safe bounds and unknowing stepping into pre-defined traps. Social media needs to be used with good responsibility. Correct usage brings huge benefits of convenience and access to yourself and others.

But as suggested, there is an even stronger need to educate people, especially our kids about the right usage of this medium. Kids are most vulnerable to the ill-effects of social media misuse. At this tender age, they cannot judge what is wrong and what is right. They are only lured by the popularity of internet and social media. These mediums have been created to shorten the Physical distances between people and not create havocs.

Sanskarshala, a unique program of Dainik Jagran focuses on teaching kids about the right use of social media. You can also join us in this noble initiative and contribute towards betterment of young minds.

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