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Parental pressure on kids

In today’s time, violence or abusive behavior towards parents or other family members by young people or their kids is more common than many may think. We live in a country where parents are on the same pedestal as God. Ironically, in the same society, for many parents it is scary to live with their kids.

We often ignore violence or abuse just to keep yourself and other family members safe from shame. We don’t really understand the criticality of parental abuse because of it remains hidden from most eyes. It is important to take action early to stop the violence.

It has been seen that parents and young people disagree over some particular issue and have conflict or arguments at times. But if a young person is abusive or violent, it is more than a conflict. They try to control and have power over you or others in the home. It can happen in families of any culture, religion or situation in life. And this is a wrong happening in our society since long.

Many reasons account for such unfortunate instances to occur, most have their roots in the behavior issues as a child. Young adults with a history of bad child behavior, they haven’t learnt to control or manage feelings, especially anger. They act out their feelings without using any self-control. They haven’t learnt to deal with the stresses of life, to solve problems or cooperate. They might think it’s their right to have all their demands met above others. They don’t value or respect other people or their property. They see a parent, as weak and powerless or think it’s OK to treat women this way. And we need to change that in our society.

Education isn't just about empowerment through knowledge. Parents, Educators and other responsible organizations should collaboratively guide and train the hearts, minds and abilities of children. Dainik Jagran, through Sanskarshala , attempts to contribute to this holistic learning process – so that our kids of today become aware, responsible and confident young citizens of tomorrow.

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