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Materialism in kids

The idea of "more is better" is responsible for increased materialism in the society. Kids are seeded with the thought of having more worth when they have more ‘material things’. We as a society do not comprehend the far flowing repercussions of materialism during childhood, which leads to much lower life satisfaction in adulthood.

Kids who are used to materialistic luxury are less keen on hard work and rather look for easy alternative for success in life. Being the generation of tomorrow, this has severe adverse effects on the whole societal system.

Parents, teachers and guardians play a pivotal role in development of young minds. Instead of fulfilling all their demands, we need to teach them the value of even the smallest bit they got, we need to enlighten young minds that there are millions in our world who don’t have access to even basic necessities of life. This needs to be inculcated right from childhood helping them lead a happy and satisfied life. Deserve before you desire is a motto, we must instill in our children.

Jagran Sanskarshala, attempts to educate kids, their parents and teachers on how to create a balance between valuing basic necessities and not running after materialism.

Do read our uniquely crafted stories, especially for kids to learn this lesson in a fun manner.

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