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Gadget addiction among children

Though technological era has helped us move closer to future, it has massive negative effects, especially on kids. Technology undoubtedly makes our lives easier but we have also become quite dependent on it. This is leading to devastating consequences in the way we live, the way we behave and the way we think.

Children being the nascent young minds are most impacted by its ill-effects. Always sticking to the gadgets makes children carry a much higher risk of diseases like obesity. This also leads to depriving their wish to play outside and literally make them "couch potatoes".

In fact, researches show that having a video or TV on when a child is doing something else can distract them from play and learning, which can negatively affect their development. This also results in reducing child-parent interaction, which has an adverse impact on language development. And this displacement is a big concern: if kids are left with screen-based babysitters, then they are not interacting with the physical world. The time spent with screens comes at the cost of other, potentially better, activities.

Being such a big concern, younger children, in particular, need a balance of activities, including instructed play, exploring the natural environment, manipulating physical toys and socializing with other children and grown-ups.

Regardless of our feelings towards tablets and smartphones, these devices are here to stay. So how do we get the better of them?

Dainik Jagran, through Sanskarshala, attempts to contribute to this holistic learning process – so that our kids of today become sensible, aware, responsible and confident young citizens of our country.

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