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Excessive use of plastic

Yes, we all know plastic is bad for the environment. We have heard this so many times that we’re jaded about the idea. We ignore at times how overuse of plastics impacts our environment because most of us have no direct visibility of that damage. We use a plastic bottle, throw them into garbage, and to our eyes it disappears. But in reality, it does not!

To highlight the gravity of the situation, just imagine, one plastic bottle if left unattended would take over a 100 years to decompose and not releasing harmful gases on the way. The first bit, we must strive is to segregate plastic waste into recyclable bins. But do observe, overuse of plastics at all stages is a heavy burden on the environment.

You may have heard about the floating plastic island found in the middle of ocean tides. You may have seen photos of turtles with shell sections caused by plastic rings from soda bottles, and birds with plastic in their stomachs. But you might not be aware that wildlife never has to come directly into contact with the plastic itself to be affected by its toxins. Unfortunately, unknowingly, you are killing so many animals.

Plastic production is also a big part of fossil fuel use worldwide. Not only does the production of plastics increases global warming by using fossil fuels, but discarded plastics trapped by varying ocean courses help alien microbial species to spread.

This said, there are many ways which can help us minimise the use of plastic.

Firstly, we have to change our dependence on plastics by viewing these materials as continuing means rather than disposables. Making the switch to environmentally friendly plastics is one step, but even better is changing the way we think about the products we use. Instead of disposables, switching to glass containers for example not only cuts down on plastic waste but reduces the need to produce plastics in the first place.

In a steadily changing world, values are often the first casualty. In such an environment, for children to be prepared to handle the challenges of a fast-changing world, holistic growth is critical. Dainik Jagran, through Sanskarshala, attempts to contribute to this holistic learning process – so that our kids of today become aware, responsible and confident young citizens of tomorrow.

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