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Disrespecting Teachers

India is a country where teachers are respected as gods. There are popular stories in history which establish a teacher as godly figures. For instance, Eklavya gave his right thumb to Drona as ‘guru Dakshina’ who had actually refused to teach him. Even after being rejected, he respected his teacher from all his heart. He is still remembered as the teacher’s best disciple. There are more such stories which show how different it was from now when it comes to respecting teachers.

Unfortunately, the tides have turned in the recent past, when incidents of students disrespecting their teachers have become common news.

While a teacher’s role is to act as a friend and mentor to guide the student in the right direction with a positive approach, the students’ role is to respect him at first.
Students today not only just refuse to follow instructions, give rude answers but start disputing with their teachers. Calling them by casual nicknames, throwing books or knock the table to show their disgust which is an utter disregard for their teachers. Disrespecting teachers by young children is absolutely intolerable as the values of respect and obedience are imbibed in course of early education. Moreover, the students misbehaving with their teachers affect the effectiveness of teaching and also prevent the learning of the whole class. If a child cannot learn to respect their mentors, what else is he expected to learn?

In today’s world, the teachers tend to be too friendly with students, they start crossing their limits and start taking the teachers for granted and end up disrespecting them. Also, social media has led the student to connect with their teachers on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. which makes the teacher’s personal lives mix with the classroom environment.
In the current scenario, what a parent must do is to advise their kids to respect teachers in the school. The parents should also remain in constant touch with the teachers and ensure that the children are going in the right direction. Overall, a collaborative effort by the teachers, parents and the students will make the bonds between the students and teachers stronger and long lasting.

Dainik Jagran, through Sanskarshala, attempts to contribute to this holistic learning process - so that our kids of today become aware, responsible and confident young citizens of tomorrow.

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