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Kids are learning about the world from their homes, from the community, classrooms, peer groups, media, and multiple other sources of information. Social Learning Theories tell us that learning can be shaped by the environment that we dwell in and the information we consume. In a constantly changing world, values are often the first casualty. In such an environment, for children to be prepared to handle the challenges of a fast changing world, holistic growth is critical. Dainik Jagran, through Sanskarshala , attempts to contribute to this holistic learning process - so that our kids of today become aware, responsible and confident young citizens of tomorrow.

Education isn't just about empowerment through knowledge. Parents, Educators and other responsible organizations should collaboratively guide and train the hearts, minds and abilities of children.

This year the Sanskarshala program is reaching out to students from standard 3rd to standard 9th and standard 10 to standard 12th across multiple cities in the country.

Sanskarshala Comic book acts as foundation element of the entire program.

For maximum inclusion, we reach Special Schools in selected cities. We are opening a new category for these kids, planning to conduct the special workshops for them.

We engage students through multiple touch points like Assembly Take Over, Special Workshops, Inter School Debate Competition, Special Schools Participation, Webinar and Peer to Peer Education.

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